Common Questions

1. How many pieces in the band.
A. We usually work as a 7 piece band but we can adjust the size according to your needs and our availability. (Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Sax/Flute, Male & Female Vocal)

2. Do you have a singer.
A. Yes we have a male vocalist and female vocalist. Everyone else in the band also sings and plays an instrument.

3.How many hours do you play.
A. We usually book for a 5 hour evening for example 7pm to midnight. The time can be adjusted according to your needs.

4. How many breaks do you take.
A. We work with you to create an agenda. Our breaks can then be worked around your formalities. (By the book it would be 45 minutes of playing time and 15 minutes intermission. )

5. We also have professional DJ services available. With the 7 piece band we can include the Disc Jockey free of charge to play for continuous music.

6. What do we do for Ceremony and cocktail music.
A. We can supply Keyboard and flute/saxophone or acoustic guitar for the
Wedding Ceremony or the Cocktail hour at minimal charge.

7. We don't like loud music!!
A. We understand. Our professional sound technician will be there to monitor the sound levels for the comfort of all your guests.

8. What happens at midnight? What about overtime?
We don't charge overtime rates. With the 7 piece band we can continue to play at your request at the regular hourly rate. In some cases our DJ can continue playing music for you and your guests at no additional charge.

9. How do we firm up the date with your band.
A. At your request we prepare a standard contract. A deposit is required to secure the date. A personal meeting can be scheduled to tie it all together.

10. When do we meet again.
A. We will definitely meet about a week before the event. Of course our event planning expertise is just a Phone Call / eMail away and we are happy to do all we can to ensure the success of your special day.

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